Private Certification Services

Services we provide for residential construction includes:

Construction Certificates (CC)

Where a Development Approval has been issued by Council, a Construction Certificate is required prior to the commencement of any work. A Construction Certificate certifies that the approved development will comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

A Complying Development Certificate is a combined Development Approval and Construction Certificate and can only issued where the proposed works comply with the requirements of the State Environmental Planning Policy, Building Code of Australia and relevant Local Planning Controls. A CDC is an alternative to a Development Consent and is required prior to the commencement of any works.

Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

A Principal Certifying Authority must be appointed prior to the commencement of any works. The PCA carries out critical stage inspections throughout the build to ensure compliance with the approved plans and building standards.

Occupation Certificates (OC)

An Occupation Certificate is required prior to the proposed development being occupied and is issued by the Principal Certifying Authority.

For further information see link below information provided by the Building Professionals Board

Guide to the Building Approval Process